4 Amazing SEO Tools From SEMRush That Are Specially Curated For You!

SEMrush is a really impressive SEO tool that speeds up keyword research, tracking the keyword strategy of your competitors, runs SEO audits automatically and searches for backlink opportunities track everything through reports and many more.

I’ve compiled for you 4 amazing tools from SEMRush which you can use for free in this page.

  1. Free Site Audit Tool From SEMRush – This will tell you any site’s website traffic, their sources, regions, devices, visitor behaviour and engagement pattern. It’s so easy to get insights on any sites with this free tool.

2. Free Backlink Analysis for Your Website from SEMRush – but it’s not only for your own domain, you can check for your competitor’s backlink database too. Try it.

3. Free domain, keyword or organic search tool from SEMRush – Just put in your website URL, keyword or domain in the box below to get started.

4. Traffic analytics tool from SEMRush – Inspect your website’s health with SEMRush site audit tool. It’s completely free.

5. BONUS: The SEMRush Sensor – the ultimate tracker that helps you uncover the trend and important changes to your website.